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Condominium and Homeowner Association Law:

The Law Offices of Alfaro & Fernandez P.A., actively represent newly formed and matured condominium and homeowner associations. For new construction and conversion condominiums, we will guide the new association and or the developer through the turnover process. The turnover process is the time in which the first board of directors assumes control of the condominium and or homeowner. Our Firm will work with the new association in resolving any construction defects and warranty claims against the developer. We will also help identify and resolve any financial irregularities existing during the period of developer control of the new association. If the association is unable to reach a satisfactory resolution with the developer, we are prepared to file suit against the developer as a last resort.

For the “matured” association, our services include the following:

• Annual elections

• Special Assessments

• Election disputes

• Recalls

• Arbitrations

• Mediations

• Preparation of amendments

• Filing of condominium liens

• Eviction/foreclosure matters

• Insurance coverage disputes

• Advise from counsel on day-to-day legal issues